Causes and Effects of Diabetes

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Obesity is described as having a body mass index of 30 or greater. It has become a prevalent condition such that many countries have declared obesity as a national disaster. Statistics show that the country with the most obese people is Nauru. The prevalence of obesity is 94.5%. The causes of obesity can be avoided and by doing so prevent obesity, a condition that is hard to reverse. Causes of diabetes

The causes of diabetes can be divided into three. First of all, dietary causes; people especially the young eat high carbohydrate and fatty diet. This has especially been propagated by the easy accessibility and affordability of fast foods. Some traditional foods also contain a lot of fats and contribute to increasing rates of obesity. Secondly, lifestyle contributes to development of obesity. Sedentary lifestyle, means that people exercise less, and so they do burn up carbohydrates, which are later converted to fats. This has been facilitated by use of cars, less of walking and little or no outdoor activities. Thirdly, lack of education on the causes and effects of obesity contribute to the increasing prevalence. For instance, parents allow their children to eat whatever they desire with no knowledge of the harm they are causing. Effects of obesity

Children who are overfed grow up to be adults with eating disorders. Secondly, people who are obese find it hard to exercise, and this adds to the vicious cycle. Obesity has a profound impact on health as it has been known to be a risk factor for many diseases, for instance, diabetes, coronary diseases, and hypertension among many others. This leads to a shortened life expectancy and reduced productivity of a nation. In conclusion, obesity is a condition that has avoidable causes. On the other hand, it causes multiple problems that are difficult to control.
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