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Causes of Teen Drug Abuse in Canada

Teenage drug abuse is widespread and getting worse every day throughout Canada. Both on the streets and in schools nationwide, thousands of teenagers are given opportunities to experiment with drugs. According to recent reports, the average age at which Canadian teenagers first experiment with drugs is age 14. Despite education programs aimed at prevention, teen drug abuse continues to be a growing problem. This teen drug problem occurs for a number of causes including low self-esteem. Lack of parental guidance, and peer pressure.

One major contributing cause of drug abuse in the teen population is low self-esteem. Because of bullying, many teen feel no hope in the future. Many teen may use drugs to make themselves forget sadness. Many drugs and alcohol addicts start using at a young age, generally 12 to 18 years old, from that point it is generally the catalyst for a long binge of substance abuse and addiction.

Another main cause of teen starts drug in imitation of grown-ups. Is because of their parental guidance. When the parents always drug. Then always try to follow suit. Great historical figures, famous actors and actress, or their parents and people around, who they think are cool when smoking.They admire addicts so much that they choose to sacrifice their health to follow their examples.

As well as low self-esteem and lack of parental guidance. Peer pressure is other important majority of teen drug. When teen Stay together, they always fraught with comparisons. Also, some of them to do the drug to understand the effects and use to show their character. Even then know they shouldn't be doing this. But to save face they will be able to take drug. Peer pressure can cause teen drug.

In conclusions, a lack of self-respect, negligent families, and influential peers is all causes that teen going to take the drug. The government has to have the courage to care for the vulnerable without agenda.
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