Cause of Flood in Jakarta

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  • Published : April 7, 2011
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Flood is a familiar event for the cities in the North Coast of Java, including Jakarta. Jakarta, which was built by Jan Pieters Z. Coen in the early 17th century with the concept of city water (waterfront city) is a city that is very familiar with the problems of flooding since the beginning of its establishment. But other than that there are other factors that cause flooding in Jakarta.

First, cause of natural factors. Flood can happen because always happen the heavy rain. And there is not water absorbing. So, that water can’t absorb to the soil and water float to the streets. Moreover, more than 40% in Jakarta area was under sea water tide. So that the north Jakarta will be very vulnerable to flooding at this time.

Second, cause of human factors. Flood can happen because many people always throw the rubbish in wrong place, for example they throw the rubbish to river, so that river becomes full of rubbish and impede the course of the river water then river water overflowed into the streets. Moreover, still many people do illegal logging and because of that there isn’t water absorbing and the water into river. Beside that, build a construction cause of flood too, because they isn’t water absorbing.

Last, cause of various factors. Flood can happen cause of sediment decreases because many people live beside river.
In conclusion, flood not cause of natural factors, but cause of human factors to, so to reduce the flood people must care and don’t damage the environment. So the flood will rarely happen.