Cause of Cyberbullying

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  • Published : April 17, 2012
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The Effects of Cyber-bullying
Cyber-bullying is when a person uses the Internet in order to deliberately cause repeated harm to another individual or to embarrass them. Cyber-bullying can include threats, sexual harassment or continued unwanted contact with a person via email, social networks, forums or instant messaging. Cyber-bullies have also been known to post personal information such as phone numbers, addresses and full names on forums or other websites. Almost half of American teens have experienced cyber-bullying. In a study conducted by, 42 percent of kids have been bullied at least once while online. Twenty-five percent of those kids have had this happen multiple times. One in five kids has been threatened multiple times online. Over 20 percent of kids have received threatening emails. Fifty-eight percent of kids have not told anyone about their cyber-bullying experiences. Almost half of the kids who experienced cyber-bullying had no idea of their perpetrator's identity. Many individuals choose to cyber-bully others online because they can hide their identity. Cyber-bullies often create fake screen names, social profiles, and email addresses in order to harass and bully their victim without being recognized. This allows the bully to be free of getting into real trouble for their behavior. There can be some serious effects on the victims of cyber-bullying. Many victims have increased suicidal thoughts, fear, worry, frustration, anger, depression, becoming paranoid and a decrease in self-esteem. Sometimes a victim may even begin avoiding their friends and normal activities due to their anger and frustration. Teens often begin to do worse in their classes due to their minds not being on their school work but on their cyber-bully. The effects of cyber-bullying can, in rare cases, cause a victim to commit suicide. There have been four cases of suicides due to cyber-bullying recorded in the United States. Cyber-bullying adult victims can cause...
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