Cause Effect Car Accidents

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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It seem that life goes on living freely not recognizing that at any moment anything can happen and your life can be gone. what is a car accident, its an undesirable or unfortunate happening that occurs unintentionally and usually results in harm, injury, damage, or loss. Millions of people die from car accidents and many have long term injuies from accidents. In 2004 6.2 million accidents was reported to the police 2.8 million were injured and 42,636 were killed. 36 percent of crashes involved alcohol and usually happens at midnight on the weekends. (Common Cause of Accidents). Drunk driving, drowsy driving and reckless driving are all causes of a car accident which leave an individual mental, emotional, and physical awareness of their surroundings.

First the effects of accidents,the effects of accidents have some long term and short term effects on a person. A long term would be that they feel everything around seem as if an accident going to happen again and make the person timid and unease when they drive around a populated area. A short term would be a minor injury to the indviual small cut and scraches, stiches or staples. Non-fatal car accidents can cause emotional and physical trauma that makes it harder to recover (Aftermath of a Car Accident). Getting over the hurdle of an accident can either rule a person’s life or destroy it because by getting over the mental state you have to live life and keep moving forward. The physical aspect of car accidents mainly injuries or death leaves a person in a state of shock wondering to themself how did this happen. Auto accident victims who have suffered serious injuries tend to be unable to sleep, struggle to take care of themselves, discover that they are physically unable to sit or stand for periods of time, can become very reliant on pain medication and simply cannot regain the health and mobility that they had prior to their auto accident (Eleven Steps to Take). The emotional aspect of a accident...
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