Caty Greene

Topics: Nathanael Greene, Catherine Littlefield Greene, Rhode Island Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Catherine Littlefield - known to family and friends as Kitty or Caty - was born on Block Island, Rhode Island, on February 17, 1755. She was the daughter of Phebe Ray and John Littlefield. After her mother's death, Catherine went to live with her aunt, Catherine Ray Greene. 19-year-old Catherine married Nathanael Greene on July 20, 1774, in Greenwich, Rhode Island after they had met at one of her aunt parties. Nathaniel was 14 years older than her at the time. Following their wedding, the couple moved to Nathanael Greene's home in Coventry, Rhode Island, where they spent less than a year together before he was called into service. In the fall of 1785 the Greenes left their family and friends in Rhode Island and moved south to Savannah, Georgia on Mulberry Grove Plantation, after many long years of following her husband in war, during this time she had five children. Her children were named after the Washingtons. After almost a year spent in Georgia, the 44-year-old general died at his home on June 19, 1786, a victim of severe sunstroke. It is said that Kitty helped make the cotton gin with Eli Whitney but some different stories on exactly how keep popping up. On May 31, 1796 the widowed Catherine Littlefield Greene married Eli Whitney's partner, Phineas Miller. The marriage would last until his death in 1802. After her marriage Catherine moved to Miller's home on Cumberland Island to the Dungeness Plantation , where she died on July 20, 1814, at the age of fifty-nine. As her surviving children said, there was irony in the fact that Catherine Greene, who disliked sea voyages, ended her life as it had begun: on a sea island.

Effects on society
Caty Greene was known to go aroud with her husband while he was at war. All of his friends said that after being around her awhile it was hard to not be attracted to her. She made everyone happier when she was at the stations with Nathaniel.

Caty is said to be the main mind...
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