Catcher and the Rye

Topics: Adolescence, Change, Tobacco smoking Pages: 2 (389 words) Published: September 28, 2012
Shakeem O’connor
Language arts; period #2
Week ending: (8/31/12)

Dialectical Journal Entry # 2 Catcher and the rye ENTRY 1: pp.52-74

LITERARY ANALYSIS: How does this section either add to or detract from the Characters’ development and the central theme of the novel? This section of catcher and the rye from Holden Caulfield development change a little for example he still has a layback I don’t care attitude. And he thinks he’s a man buy alcohol and smoking cigarettes and etc. but he also has a soft side of him that morns the loss of his brother ail and how he wrote that nice composition for his roommate stratilader if he puts his mind to his work he can be successful in school. like his development changed a little because now I know he’s lazy while he is capable to do it.

PERSONAL CONNECTION: What personal connections did you make to this section of the text? What details affected you strongly?

As a teenage boy that was in a similar position, I can connect with Holden because he got kicked out of boarding school the same way I almost got kicked out of privet school. I went through sort of the same situation as Holden. So it feels like I can connect with Holden on a whole other level. Another thing I can connect with him is he has a teacher tried to turn my life around. But so far what I read it seems like Holden is changing little by little through my perspective.

TEXT OR WORLD CONNECTION: How does this section connect to either another text (novel, poem, movie, etc.) Or the world at large (local or global issue)? This section I read connects to this book I read last year that is called The Outsiders. It had sort of the same plot it is about teenager that think they are men in the around 50s they would drink alcohol smoke cigarettes and etc. just like Holden on a daily basis. Another connection I can make is that one of the main...
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