Castles Don't Have Phones, Asshole

Topics: The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Rocky Horror Show, Time Warp Pages: 5 (1631 words) Published: February 25, 2013
“Castles Don’t Have Phones, Asshole!” By: Jodi Parker (Final Draft)

Please take a minute to compose yourself for what you are about to experience is like no other. Now that you are settled, if this is your first time indulging in the midnight cult sensation that is Rocky Horror Picture Show, there are a few things you must know, and antici (“say it!”) pate. This movie has no real point, except be yourself, express your sexuality and just have fun.

First, you will need your props : red lipstick (keep this out, as we will use it in a moment) - rice (to be thrown at the wedding) - water pistols (back row squirts the front rows during rain scene) - newspapers (for front and middle rows to shield themselves from rain) – flashlights, cell phone or cigarette lighters ("There's a Light" verse of "Over at Frankenstein Place") - rubber gloves (during and after the creation speech, Frank snaps his gloves three times) - noisemakers (the Transylvanians applaud Frank's creation - so should you) - toilet paper (preferably "Scott's" brand [when Brad yells "Great Scott!", throw a roll] ) - confetti (at the end of the "Charles Atlas" reprise, the Transylvanians throw confetti) - toast (when Frank proposes a toast at dinner) - party hat (when Frank puts on his hat to wish Rocky happy birthday, so does the audience) - bell ("When we made it/did you hear a bell ring?") –a deck of cards ("Cards for sorrow/cards for pain"). Some props we will not discuss; however, they are important to know if you are a participant. Now, we are ready to dive into what Rocky is, but first things first. Since you have not experienced Rocky before, please grab your tube of red lipstick and mark a ‘V’ on your forehead, so we can tell who the Virgins are.

Now that we have our props, we need to learn the history of the movie before we get to the fun part. Rocky Horror Picture Show was not always as popular as it became when it hit the midnight showings. First written as a play in London, some of the original cast stayed intact for the movie. Tim Curry played Dr. Frank N Futer in the play, movie and then later, for a short time, on Broadway as well. The producer, Lou Adler, best known for his Cheech & Chong series, stayed with RHPS from play to feature film as well. The film, shot from 10/27/1974-12/19/1974, took less than two months to tape, which is a rarity in the present. Rocky’s birth scene was filmed on the 82nd anniversary of Charles Atlas’ birthday, which was 10/30/1974.

In 1975, RHPS was released in eight cities and failed in seven. In 1977, it was decided to re-release RHPS as a midnight movie, which was becoming popular at that time. The popularity of the midnight movie and RHPS exploded. These midnight movies were a way to escape the realities of life. Most patrons were the outcasts of society, and this was a way to come together without the beautiful people harassing them. Still in limited showing, 35 years after its premiere, it is the longest-running theatrical release in film history. At Noon on October 31st, 2009, 1570 RHPS fans pelvic-thrusted their way into The Guinness Book of World Records by performing The Time Warp, smashing the unofficial record of 1050. The Drew Carey Show and Glee have made their own versions of this classic to introduce this culture to new generations, along with recreating the dance The Time Warp and the song Sweet Transvestite.

Although my father would like to think that audience partitci (“say it”) pation started because he was attending this horror flick parody, that is incorrect; however, this is now something we come to now know RHPS for; it is unknown when or how it started. Part of this midnight rite of passage is when viewing this film on screen it is encouraged that you become any character you want to be, from the most risqué Dr. Frank N Futer, to the most conservative Janet Weiss.

Janet Weiss (“slut”) is played by Susan Sarandon, which most thought would murder...
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