Caste System and Religion of Aryans

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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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Assignment # 1
Caste System and Religion of Aryans
Submitted To: Madam Maria
Subject: Pakistani Culture & Society

Caste System and Religion of Aryans
About 1500 BC years ago, white skinned people arrived in the region of Indo-Pak from south Europe and north Asia. The Aryans disregarded the local cultures. They conquered many regions and took control over them. Aryans were divided into three main groups according to their professions. First group was consists of warriors and rulers and they were called Rajayana but later on it got changed to Kshatriya. The second group was of priests, scholars and philosophers and were called Brahmans. These two groups struggled politically for leadership among the Aryans. In this struggle the Brahmans got to be the leaders of the Aryan society. The third group was named as Vaishyas and people of this group were farmers, traders, merchants and craftsmen. The lowest caste were Shudras and were considered as non- Aryans. Members of Shudras were laborers, peasants and servants of other castes. Vaishyas took control of many parts of the region and they made local people their servants. So with the passage of time the Vaishyas who were the farmers and craftsmen became the landlords and businessmen of the society. There was another caste consisted of local people and were called “Untouchables”. They were not considered as a caste infect. They were outcaste. They were used to perform the least desirable activities like cleaning toilets, dealing with dead bodies etc. They were disallowed to touch high caste and stand at some distance from high castes. This is not enough. Well, they have some other restrictions too. They were not allowed to enter holy places, schools and were not allowed to even touch the things belong to high castes. In some parts of Southern India, even the sight of untouchables was thought to be polluting so they were forced to sleep during the day and work at night. To remain an upper caste of the...
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