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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Richard Hendrickson
English 112
Drama essay

William Shakespeare is one of the most renowned writers in American literature; his story Othello is very well known and for good reason. The drama and tragedy play off each other, giving the reader a sense of confusion and intrigue. The character that seems to be involved in the story the most, besides Iago, is Michael Cassio. At the beginning of Othello, Cassio is one of Othello’s soldiers and is appointed second in command.

Cassio is one of those characters who are easily influenced by others. After Cassio is appointed to his new position, Iago influences him in to drinking. The reader soon realizes why he didn’t want to drink and that is because he is a light weight and gets crazy. At this point in the story his position is taken away for ruining Othello wedding celebration. Iago is thrilled about this because he resents Cassio for getting the position over him. Iago then comes up with a plan to get Othello to hate Cassio because he will think Cassio is sleeping with his wife. Iago tells Cassio to talk to Desdemona to get back in Othellos good graces. Cassio begins to talk to Desdemona but he is way to flirty with her and Othello catches this with the help of Iago. Cassio holds his honor and honesty in high regard especially when it comes to Othello. You see this happen the night of the fight when he is fired. Instead of making excuses and beating around the bush he mans up and takes full responsibility for his actions, even know the most fault is Iagos' for manipulating him. He does not sacrifice his integrity just to maintain a good reputation. Ultimately Cassio agrees with Othellos', decision because he feels he has disgraced his lord and is unworthy to do the job.

Another great trait of Cassios' is that he’s a smooth operator when it comes to the ladies. He expresses his interest in women openly and talks about them regularly. When Cassio is with Iago he gives Emilia, Iagos’ Wife, a kiss in...
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