Cashier Procedure

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AM Cashier/Service Procedure:
1. Make sure all lights (overhead, cooler, freezer, etc.) are turned on. 2. Turn on music
a. Username: office Password: Password1
b. Go to Cash Office
c. Go to Cashier Balancing
d. Go to Cashier Locking
e. Select ALL
f. Enter OK
g. Each cashier will pop up. Hit ENTER with each one.
4. Log on to register (and Lottery for Service Cashier)
5. Verify Cash balance in cash drawer (should be $300 starting balance except for $100 for lottery) 6. Complete Instant Lottery Inventory Sheet (Service Counter Cashier) 7. Check bathrooms periodically

8. Make sure trash is removed from work space before leaving (No food or drink should be visible at any time!) 9. Balance cash drawer
10. Have a nice day!
PM Cashier/Service Procedure:
1. Verify cash drawer balance ($300 for all but Lottery which is $100) 2. Empty trash and keep work stations clean. (NO food or drink should be visible at any time! 3. Balance cash drawer

4. Sign Off register
Service Cashier:
1. Balance Cash drawer
2. Balance Safe ($1500 at all times)
3. Log on to server (may be logged in already)
a. Go to Reports
b. Go to Cashier Reports
c. Double click Cashier Report
d. Check one cashier at a time (do this for each cashier) e. Enter PREVIEW (This will give you the balance that each cashier should have for the day) f. Exit out of Reports. Go to Cash Office

g. Go To Cashier Balancing
h. Go to Cashier Declaration
i. Select Cashier in Cashier Name box
j. Double click cash and enter daily cash amount received (not amount on report unless the same) k. Double click Paper Check, Credit, Debit and complete the same steps as above. l. Enter APPLY

m. Enter YES you are sure
n. Enter YES to print a report
o. Put cash, checks, and misc (lottery, TOMRA, and coupons) in envelope with report. p. Write...
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