Case Study: “the Hollywood Film Industry and the Role of Knowledge Network Organization”

Topics: Film, Actor, Film production Pages: 3 (713 words) Published: October 2, 2010
1.Characterise the advantages of independent film making.

New faces have been introduced.
Actors can step outside typical typecast roles.
Based on one’s creativity.
Low-budget film making.
Allows the artist to circumvent excessive studio control on their projects Directors can craft their own unique vision.
Writers can often see their scripted vision through the entire development process. Did not have permanent staff and would bring people together to make a film on short term contract basis.

2.Compare the industry network of Hollywood with that of the motor sport valley in the United Kingdom

a)Industry network of Hollywood.
A project-based enterprise.
Has develops a wide range of skills and services to meet the needs of the film industry. Has establishes a flexible system for regularly producing and distributing feature-length motion pictures. In earlier years, the big companies employ permanent staff to make films, such as scriptwriters, special effect technicians, costume designers and actors. Actors were employed by a studio and would act in films being made by the studio. Today, film making is dominated by short-term projects and short-term contracts. Contracts in size over the life of the film; when the film is released the enterprise will closed.

b)Motor sport valley in the United Kingdom.
A knowledge-based industry.
A geographical clustering of companies in the same sector. High rates of company formation; knowledge possessed by its key personnel. A strong focus on innovation; continual innovation and change is greater Emphasis on exports.

Flexibility of products and production processes; continuous striving for products and processes with knowledge transfer core to the process.. Knowledge and experience of individuals is quickly reabsorbed into other companies when one business fails. An individual team probably has more to gain than lose through the skills.

3.In this industry...
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