Case Study: Sri International

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  • Published : April 23, 2012
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Case 4.1: SRI International
MRKT 340

Case 4.1: SRI International
SRI needs to make a purchasing decision for scanners to accommodate a new client. This case study involves several departments and includes organizational and individual factors in the buying process (Dwyer & Tanner, 2009, p. 98). The individuals and roles involved represent a unique interest and role in SRI’s buying center. Akshay Menon, head of operations, initiated the process using a fairly formalized process for purchasing, by requesting three proposals from the production manager, Margie Cabellero. Cabellero acquired the requests and served as a gatekeeper by designing the requests in the manner that made sense to her. She then passed the proposals along to Menon and served an additional role as an influencer by adding her preference in purchasing. The chief financial officer, George Whitaker, fills the role of controller. He added some financial limitations and organizational considerations for the purchase, such as hiring costs, maintenance expense, and cost/benefit analysis. The human resource manager, Gloria Sigel, represents staff members (users) in this decision and attempts to influence the purchasing decision on their behalf (Dwyer & Tanner, 2009, pp. 96-99).

Akshay Menon, head of SRI’s Dallas operations, is in the third stage of the behavior choice model (Dwyer & Tanner, 2009, pp. 107-108). Menon needs to determine which action to take based on the requirements (p. 109). SRI’s buying center is somewhat time fragmented, as some members of the purchasing process contribute for only a short amount of time (p. 100). The dimension of SRI’s buying center is horizontal, with many departments contributing to the decision process (p. 101). The horizontal element makes Menon’s decision difficult. Different departments have very different views on what elements should be considered in the final purchasing decision (p. 102).

There are three choices available...
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