Case Study Research in Education: a Qualitative Approach

Topics: Education in New Zealand, New Zealand, E-mail Pages: 11 (2374 words) Published: April 5, 2011
1.Family Name/s:
2.First Name/s:
3.Citizenship/s (Attach Evidence):
4.E-mail Address:
5.Current Residential Address:
6.Postal Address (if not as above):
7.Business Phone:8.Home Phone:
9.Date of Birth (day/month/year):10.Place of Birth (City & Country): 11.Details of Accompanying family members (Please note – there are no additional allowances for accompanying dependents):

Full Name:Relationship to you:Date of Birth (day/month/year):

New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarship

Funded by the New Zealand Government
Administered by Education New Zealand

Application Form
All candidates are required to read the Frequently Asked Questions document before completing this form. The FAQ is available in pdf format from

Country of Citizenship: ………………………………………………………

Office use only:

Eligible/IneligibleCompleteShortlist Y/NNotes

Meets English Y/NSupervisor Conf. Y/NOffer of Place Y/N F/C

12.What Field of Study/Discipline will your proposed PhD be undertaken in: 13.Tertiary academic qualifications undertaken. Include any currently underway beginning with the most recent (please attach an academic transcript of your results completion/graduation certificates to support this): Name of QualificationField of StudyName of Institution and location of campusCompletion date (month & year)

14.Prizes, Scholarships, other professional honours:
15.Relevant publications, papers and titles of theses submitted for any degree: attach separate page if required. 16.Membership of cultural, scientific, professional and educational societies or organisations: C.EVIDENCE OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY FOR CANDIDATES FROM NON-ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRIES 17.Applicants applying to undertake research in New Zealand who are from a non-English speaking country must meet one of the following English language entry requirements: An IELTS Academic Test with an overall score of at least 6.5 with no sub-band scoring less than 6.0; or A TOEFL test score of at least 575, including a score of no less than 4.5 in the Test of Written English; or A minimum overall score of 100 in the Internet-based TOEFL (iBT); or A score of 233 in the Computer-based TOEFL, including an Essay Writing score of 4.5; or Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) – grade B; or Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) – grade C.

Please note: The test score must have been achieved no longer than two (2) years prior to the time of NZIDRS application (as at 15 July in the year of application). Please attach your test results to your application or have them sent to Education New Zealand directly.

18.Employment experience
Please attach a brief CV showing your employment history. Begin with the most recent. E.PROPOSED RESEARCH
19.Please indicate one or two New Zealand universities, in order of preference, where you would like to undertake your proposed research, and to which you have either applied or are in the process of applying to. You are required to provide evidence that you have communicated with at least one of the proposed host universities by including copies of the correspondence you have had with them regarding departmental support for your admission application, approval of your proposed research project, discussion surrounding your research interests and the availability of appropriate supervision. If there is only one that you wish to attend, please leave the second field blank. 1.


20.Summary of Proposed Research: Approximately 10 lines required (in addition to the one page research proposal requested in point 21 below). The contents of this summary section are used post-selection in order to advise stakeholders as to the research topics of recipients. DO NOT LEAVE THIS SECTION BLANK...
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