Case Study of Thermal Comfort in House

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Professional Report 1
ARBE 4101 Construction Ecology 3

27th April 2013


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1.0 Abstract An important aspect of building design process - the thermal comfort, is a state of mind which express thermal environment with satisfaction. In the modern days, most human will spend indoor than outdoor. In this report, problems will be chosen to be analysed based on a case study that relates to occupant thermal comfort and building thermal performance existed in a living house. Solutions, issues and problem identifications for each individual rooms has been the aim of this report. Besides that, this report also provides procedure and method dealing with the thermal comfort in each room.

1.1 Introduction Modern man spend most of their days indoor, therefore, thermal comfort is an important aspect of the building design process. Satisfaction with the thermal environment is expressed through the state of mind which defines thermal comfort. Extensive standardization and modelling exists for thermal comfort, which depends both on physiological and physical parameters. The heat exchange between the environment and the human body, can be described as the characteristic of the environment.

There's no rule for thermal comfort, it involves so many aspect including psychology, physiology, building sciences and many scientific fields which makes this matter even more complex.

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Table of Content 1. Abstract 1.1 Introduction 2.0 Basic principles and requirements of Thermal Comfort 2.1 Environmental Factors 2.1.1 Air Temperature 2.1.2 Radiant Temperature 2.1.3 Air Velocity 2.1.4 Humidity 2.2 Personal Factor 2.2.1 Clothing insulation 2.2.2 Metabolic Heat 3.0 Background of selected building 3.1 Floor plans and spaces 3.2 Macroclimate 4.0 Justification of case study 4.1 Issues and recommendations 4.1.1 Living hall 4.1.2 Room 1 4.1.3 Stairway 4.1.4 Room 3 & 5 4.1.5 Room 6 4.1.6 Overall Building 5.0 Conclusion 6.0 References 21 22 9 7 6 4 5 2

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2.0 Basic Principles and requirements of Thermal Comfort Thermal Comfort According to P.O Fanger, thermal comfort of a building is affected by six kinds of parameters. Besides, these six parameters of thermal comfort can be separated into two different kind of factors and they are the personal and environment factors and they are as below:

Environmental factor 1. Humidity 2. Air Velocity 3. Radiant Temperature 4. Air Temperature

Personal Factor 1. Metabolic heat 2. Clothing Insulation

image showing the six elements of thermal comfort

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2.1 Environmental factors: 2.1.1. Air temperature our body are surrounded by air temperature and they are usually measure in (°F).Fahrenheit or (°C) Degrees. 2.1.2 Radiant temperature Heat that radiates from warm object is called as thermal radiant. When there's ehat sources around the environment, radiant heat will be present. On how we lose and gain heat through the environment, radiant temperature has a greater influence compared to the air temperature. By wearing reflective clothing, our skin absorbs less heat but without it, our skin absorbs heat as much as a matt black object. Here are a few examples of radiant heat sources and they are molten metals, machinery, hot surfaces, dryers, cookers, walls in kilns, ovens, steam rollers, furnaces, electric fired, fire, sun and more. 2.1.3 Air velocity If air velocity is cooler than the environment, the speed of air moving across worker may cool them down. People are most sensitive to air velocity thus its more important factor in thermal comfort. People feel stuffy in a stagnant or stilled air indoor environments. Especiall when they are artificially heated up. 2.1.4. Humidity Humidity is provided when water is heated and evaporated into the air resulting humid and wet in air. 70% to 40% of relative humidity wouldn't cause impact on thermal comfort

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2.2 Personal factors: 2.2.1. Clothing...
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