Case Study of the Nu Moorish International Group

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  • Published : May 7, 2011
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The Nu Moorish International Group
Of Science and Development Mir No.10
Non-Profit Organizational Charter
The Nu Moorish International Group of Science and Development Mir No.10 is here to improve the development Of humanity, we aim to educate and uplift our present condition and restore consciousness to a higher level our values consist of honesty integrity and loyalty. All of these values will be used to ascend and enhance and build confidence. Each of these values wills foundation. Leadership is essential and key to promote growth within our congregation the foundation will be embarking on principles that will encourage higher learning and establish discipline for a learning environment manifest great minds that produce great thoughts. The laws of I.S.L.A.M will be used as a tool teach the mastery of self guidance Teaching is the most prominent tool used to help with guidance, discipline self order. T.N.M.I.G. will be instrumental in gearing our constituents for higher Learning so they can be effective not only in society but also at home as well. The Nu Moorish International Group of Science and Development Mir No.10 is not governed under any defacto laws or any entity under the corporation is ordered under The Moorish International Group of Science and Development. We are a freeborn people and are the Autochocton of Amexem we here at The Moorish International Group of Science is here to empower, to become and to create without any commands. TheNu Moorish International Group of Science and Development Mir No.10, I deem it proper to submit a brief statement of our organization, covering its inception, rise and progress and of the Mohammedan religion. Which I hope will be satisfactory to you and be the means of causing you all times to adhere to the principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice in your relations with humanity in general. I further, most anxiously hope this brief statement will help you to more clearly see the duty and wisdom of at all times upholding those fundamental principles which are desired for our civilization of our posterity, such as obedience to law, respect and loyalty to government, tolerance, and unity. The object of our Organization is to help in the great program of uplifting fallen humanity and teach those things to make our members better citizens. A National organization with a Rotarian complexion as it relates to branch Temples became obvious with the increasing number of inquiries from men and women in different sections of the organization. There are branch Temples in fifteen different states at this time. Inspired by the lofty teachings of the Koran, we have it as the revealed word of God Allah. We shall foster the principles of its teachings among our members. This is our religious privilege as American citizens, under the laws of one of the greatest documents of all time, the American Constitution. Purpose and Scope

Nature: The Nu Moorish International Group of Science and Development is concerned with the human service endeavor known as teaching and coaching in an organizational context. The Nu Moorish International Group of Science and Development members engage in dialogue and projects together to promote, critically examine, and further the quality and success of teaching in organizations. Diverse applications of teaching in an organizational context affect the success of the workforce, for example, through executive Teaching, Science, leadership, performance, alignment, and health, among many other strategies for overall organizational success. Meaning: What the diverse Teaching applications in organizations hold in common is that people and, Therefore, their organizations benefit significantly from the thoughtful and compassionate assistance of an effective and experienced coach, who may either stand outside the formal authority structure of the organization, or be a part of the internal professional development system of their organization....
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