Case Study: Jenna's Kitchen, Inc.

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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Jenna's Kitchen

• Low moral/ low productivity.
• Didn't listen to Judi's recommendation of not listening. Main Problem:
• top managements push to save money by moving from there downtown location to a warehouse, lowered status of employees -made job less prestigious -no longer a better company to work for than their competitors. • Low conceptual skills from management -they didn't see the big picture to foresee how the move would effect the corporate culture of employees/ morale. Solutions:

• Top management needs to weigh as well as see value of motivation plus jod satisfaction high productivity and attaining loyalty of employee's/ low turnover. • Tried to solve the low moral with pay increase which leads to less money saved from move plus little change in moral: “pay increase only provides short term change and not true motivation.” (Introduction into Business pg 284 half way down.) • What does provide motivation: pay increase according to performance not general increase. • Effective ways to motivate and increase morale: increased responsibility, recognition, new more prestigious job title, reoccurring meetings to hear what employees need. • Hear issues

• involve employees in creating objectives.
• Incentives, gift cards to downtown restaurants, weekly monthly lunches, using flex times to make jobs more appealing. • Cons- incentives will cost company in the short term • more time in team equals less time for working.

• Managers will have to be trained to give more recognition to work with employee's • might loose employee's
• end up saving money from move.
• higher level of conceptual skills for top management ie. Learn from mistakes. • Self manage work teams, job enrichment, incentives at the new location. • Implement meetings for top management to reevaluate direction company is headed and to understand the consequences of not listening to regional...
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