Case Study: Innovation at Google

Topics: Advertising, Google, AdSense Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: April 11, 2011
No doubt that Google's success is based on innovation the opportunity and the future vision for business, but also the ability to use the tools available. In this sense, Google shines in the time of communicating. It has made its official blog, a tool used by many companies, is consulted daily by thousands of people, both media used as a source or for any kind of Internet users eager to learn more about the leader of the Network. Not many years ago, doing some Memory, I remember when a friend observed that I was looking for information on yahoo said "I'll show you a page that we used in college and it shows better results, but do not tell anyone because it is a secret, "but the word" secret " made the comment to close friends with the same term" secret ", 6 or 7 months later I realized that Google was being widely used not only in my workplace, but state offices, private companies and students seeking "more accurate results. " Today is no doubt that Google leads the search engine sector. What has been the marketing strategy of Google? The Viral Marketing: By having the feeling that what from Google is good, or at least fashionable, feeling based on the use of its other services as the most popular search engine, Google Maps and Email (to mention only the most popular), usually newest associate Google with "It's Google, is good", when the reality may say otherwise. But if Google is a business, How generates revenue? Google generates the majority of our revenue by offering advertisers measurable, cost-effective and highly relevant advertising. His goal is for the ads you see on Google to be as useful to you as they are to the advertisers—so that they can be a valuable form of information in their own right. They distinguish ads from search results or other content on a page by labeling them as “sponsored links” or “Ads by Google.” Don‘t sell ad placement in the search results, nor do they allow people to pay for a higher ranking...
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