Case Study Human Development

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  • Published : March 15, 2012
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Case Study 1


The exploration of emerging adulthood and young adulthood among college student Angela facing challenges in her first year of college. Angela’s core religious beliefs being challenged by her agnostic roommate’s views which is causing Angela to question her own beliefs. The changes within Angela are explain and options for her counseling to allow her to explore her core beliefs.

Case Study 1
Angela is a young black woman from a close religious family in her first year at a Southern state university. Angela was a strong student in high school and a leader within her church youth group. Angela strives to be a teacher and is proud to be the first in her family to pursue a baccalaureate degree. Angela is living in the dormitory and finds college life a liberating experience though she is struggling with getting along with her peers. Angela’s roommate is a young white woman named Jen, which she is struggling with the lack of religious beliefs and commitment of going to church, a self-proclaimed agnostic. Angela is struggling with her own religious beliefs that are lacking in her roommate, yet is finding her roommate is a genuine person which has caused confusion of her moral beliefs. Angela is at a turning point in her life she is becoming independent and autonomy characterizes the experiences of becoming an adult being faced with new challenges in her environment. The process of autonomous takes time and occurs between the ages 18-25 which are considered emerging adulthood (Broderick & Blewitt, 2010). Economic development that characterizes Western cultures is part of the development of emerging adulthood through the economics of families and society. Globalization is becoming part of Western societies and cultural influences are expanding opportunities for young people who are looking to explore new ideas and experiences which also impact the development of young adults (Arnett, 2002). Self-exploration and moving away from...
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