Case Study Hsc35 Level 3 Promote Choice, Well Being and the Protection of All Individuals

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Health care, Abuse Pages: 13 (3279 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Look through these different scenarios and describe how you would deal with these dilemmas

Unit/PC/KSScenarioHow I would deal with this situation

35a pc/1/2
Ks 16d

Ks 2/3a/4/6/7c/8






An individual refuses to take their medication

I would talk to the service user and ask them why they refused. And they tell me they don't’ want to take them. I explained the possible effects of not taking the medication. If he/she still refusing to take, I would mark the MAR sheet and record in care plan and report to other care staff and service users GP.

An individual who wants to join a lonely hearts club but whose family are very opposed to him doing so
It is his right to choose what risks he takes and I have to promote his/her choice and I will access the risks involved, while supporting their right to choose. I will also make him aware of the risks involved and if he/she still wants to continue, I take every step possible to make it as safe as possible like arranging transport for him/her to and from the club.

An individual who tells you another person is stealing money from them but they do not want to report it
I would believe what they are saying would ask permission to look where the money should be, and look in other places to make user it is definitely missing. I would Explain that if not reported then the thief could steal again perhaps from another individual, perhaps not so able to speak for themselves, and service user agrees with me. Then I would record in service users care plan and report to manager.

An individual who makes racist comments about another individual
First I would say to the service individual that all people have the right to be treated the same, with courtesy and respect, exactly the way that the individual wishes to be treated. And that it is unlawful to be racist and they could be prosecuted if the abuse is reported. Then I would record and report the situation and inform key workers. In the same vein, I often sit back and think about my work practice, if there are any assumptions I make about some individuals that affect my behaviour towards such people and if there are, I take steps to address this like discussing it with my managers during supervision and seeking their help and also by going for trainings. I also do the same whenever I am having difficulties cope with any case of harm or abuse, especially if it involves someone close to me. If I discover assumptions by others or organisational policies or practices that are unfair on some individuals, I also bring this to the attention of the relevant people concern and press for changes to be made.

An individual you support who likes to read pornography
The service user has the right to read pornography if he so wishes. I will advice him/her about where is appropriate to read such material and to keep magazines/books in a drawer to stop possibility of offending others.

A dentist who treats an individual you support with disrespect
I would ask the dentist for a quiet word out of the room and earshot of the service user. I would explain that the service user has the right to be treated with respect regardless of disabilities and the dentist’s personal feelings. I would then report and record the incident.

Unit/PC/KSDescribe how you do the following
How I do this at work



ks16dSupport individuals to express their needs and preferencesBy talking to the service user and asking what their preferences are and do the utmost to fulfil them. E.g. meals, activities, dressing, personal care. To identify service users individual physical health need and their capability of that to address these needs with...
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