Case Study: Circuit Board Fabricators Inc.

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Case Study: Circuit Board Fabricators Inc.
Carl Anthony Jackson Sr.
University of Phoenix
OSC301 Operations Management
Kimberly Ford
January, 21 2008

In this case study Circuit Board Fabricators manufactures circuit boards for several computer companies. CBF has a capacity to produce 1000 circuit boards per day, but CBF can not meet these objectives set by process engineers. This case study will analyze what CBF is doing wrong and how they can improve their process to meet the goals of process engineers.

Circuit Board Fabricators Inc. is a small company that manufacturers circuit boards for various computer companies. CBF needs to supply their customers with the highest quality circuit boards possible. Circuit Board Fabricators Inc tries to meet these challenges by adhering to strict quality standards and prompt shipment of the circuit boards to their customers. CBF has achieved these quality and shipping standards by producing more circuit boards than the company order to cover the variables in their quality issues with the circuit boards.

CBF is using a batch shop flow process to produce their circuit boards, this process is commonly use in manufacturing to produce such things as heavy equipment and electronic parts and devices. The batch sop flow structure is also used when a business has a relatively stable line of products such as the circuit boards that CBF manufactures. Process engineers for Circuit Boards Fabricators insists that the plant has enough capacity to run 1,000 circuit boards per day, but the company has only been able to make 700 boards on their best day.

The capacity of the process is to low to get the number of good boards that CBF needs to fill the order that their customer has placed. The capacity of the process has to be expanded in order to reach the number of boards that process engineers insist that the plant can run. CBF does is not enough capacity to meet the needs of the customer when...
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