Case Study: Archie Norman and Asda

Topics: Implementation, Management, Design Pages: 3 (808 words) Published: September 30, 2012
Question 1:
Archie Norman and his top management transformed not only the operational aspect of Asda, but they also took steps to change the core organization behavior. For any organization that is going through a transformation, the first six months are usually the most difficult. How the leaders handle that initial period makes a great deal of difference for the employees and the overall organization itself.

Norman and his top management did a tremendous job in handling this initial period. Norman might have come out very strong and aggressive, but that is just what Asda and its employees needed. Most employees at Asda were unaware that the company was in a severe crisis. Norman created dissatisfaction with the status quo by giving speeches not only to employees but also to investors about how Asda was in its “dark moments”. The bluntness of the message forced people to realize that there is a problem that needs to be fixed. Once people understood that there is a problem, Norman was able to unfreeze the organization.

After the organization was unfreeze, Norman involved the employees at all level to figure out what needs to be done to get Asda out of this situation. Involving employees in the transformational process was a great strategy because when employees are part of the change and they are involved in the process, they tend to be less resistant of the change which is very beneficial for a company that is dire need of change.

Archie Norman and his top management took an aggressive approach to implement organizational change. They worked with the employees and investors and made sure that they understand why the changes were being made. They also involved employees in the implementation process by going to all the stores and talking with them. Overall, Norman and his top management portrayed a strong and good leadership style to implement change at Asda. Question 2:

In the first six months, Archie Norman came to realize that they needed to...
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