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Marketing of Services

Assignment No.I

Assignment Code: 2011MM05B1Last Date of Submission: 30th Sept 2011
Maximum Marks:100

Attempt all the questions. All the questions are compulsory and carry equal marks.

Ques.1List five ways in which investment in hiring and selection, training and ongoing
motivation of employees will pay dividends in customer satisfaction for (a) a restaurant
(b) a hospital (c) a consulting firm

Ques.2Identify firms from three different service sectors in which the service environment is
crucial part of the overall value proposition. Analyze and explain in detail the value that
is being delivered by the service environment.

Ques.3How can customers contribute to value and satisfaction enhancement of services?

Ques.4How does the intangible nature of service merit a different marketing treatment?

Case Study.

Differentiating from the market leader
In a competitive market, journalism has to be a collective enterprise. Stories that are in the public interest are overlooked by and large by the media because of stiff competition, which is also reflective of lack of good editorial judgement. TV news channels cannot be so competitive with each other that they overlook stories, broken by rivals, of national importance. CNN-IBN is trying to bring in a certain passion and joy to news and newsgathering. It claims to be a channel that is committed to news. The worst thing news channel can do is be smug or complacent. It is not just about breaking stories, it is also about the entire package. Packaging is important, but ultimately it is all about editorial content. At CNN-IBN, everything else flows from making the content as good as it can be. The easy and soft option for CNN-IBN is to say that the channel has been relatively well received and people more or less have responded positively. But it needs to keep enhancing and keep innovating.

There is a format to the 24 hour news channel that CNN-IBN cannot really break out of beyond a point. To that extent, there will always be similarities between CNN-IBN and NDTV. NDTV has been there for 10 years. News channels always look at NDTV as a benchmark for excellence. Certain things are similar to the competitor NDTV because of the 24 hour format of news television, but there are many things that are different at CNN-IBN. NDTV may do a good story one day and CNN-IBN put together another good story the next day. It is a constant process of evolution. But people notice the differences between CNN-IBN and other news channels.

Every news channel is going to say that news is its core value. A news channel’s USP depends on how the channel treats the news and what impact the news has. News channels will ultimately be judged on news. At times. News channels forget their basic purpose. They get so carried way by the new celebrity cult or gimmicks that they forget that what people actually want is news. People turn to news channels ultimately for news. It is nice to have news-plus programs as they give profile. CNN-IBN did one with Kapil Dev and Imran Khan, and got a huge response. But on a day-today basis, those are cherry on the top. But the cake has to be built by news and by journalists.

Anyone who speaks English language in this country is an audience for CNN-IBN. It is Aaj Tak in English. It has achieved a certain pace and energy. One of the goals for the channel is to combine the aggression of Hindi Journalism with the solidity of English. It is important that journalists have aggression. One of its goals is to break these barriers between Hindi and English (journalism). CNN-IBN believes that for much too long, English language journalism has been imprisoned within an elitist cage and it is time to break free. English language journalists cannot talk down to viewers anymore.

There is a need to break the barriers between Hindi and English...
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