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Topics: Social responsibility, Management, Business ethics Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Each student is required to discuss a short question on Ethics and Social Responsibility, i.e. 500 words.

Question - “What do you think of Nau’s approach to doing business? Is it being ethical and responsible? Discuss.”

Answer: It is ethical and responsible from the perspective of moral standard.

A firm is defined as social responsible when it intends to do right things and to benefit the society beyond the legal and economic obligations. Nau’s business, personally speaking, attempts to improve its social responsibility by its human-based management strategy.

Three main areas make up Nau’s business approach, which are designing, sales and charitable donation. In the design area, Nau cooperated with suppliers and invented 24 out of 32 sustainable fabrics. In addition, their suppliers, manufacturers and even Nau itself are supervised by an “independent, non-profit auditing and research firm” in order to guarantee that all parties are being up to standards. Regarding the sales area, they introduce online stored named “Web front” and combine it with comparatively smaller real store. In the online store, customer may purchase products over the internet and can enjoy “on-line special”. The charitable organizations pledged five percent of sales revenue to solve crucial humanitarian and environmental problems.

Nau's approach to doing business, personally, could be identified as dark green management from management perspective. When it comes to green management, organizations or enterprises attempt to respect and preserve environment, benefit the society and be actively socially responsible. In this case, Nau applies activist approach, which leads to a better consideration of its influence of choices and business activities on all the stakeholders and Nau proves that it did benefit the natural environment. As mentioned before, Nau has innovated sustainable fabrics for clothing production in order to reduce waste. It also encourage customers to go...
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