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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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The peak time was introduced to reduce peak-hour pressure on both public transportation and traffic arteries (to avoid rush hour traffic). Dominance by Hallora whom attains high power, he requires a written report from each engineer every two weeks. * Jim Hallora feared that his authority would be taken away if he accepted the concept of flex time which was introduced to all employees, so instead of posting the original memo he wrote his own to ensure that he would still have some control over the employees. * John Volmer considers himself to be on the same level as Jim or a bit more experienced, Volmer is the go to guy when Hallora needs advice. John in this case does not have to abide my Jim’s rule of submitting reports and gets to do what as he please for (eg setting his own work hours). * John Stone is the youngest in the group also quite experience and considers himself as competent as Hallora and Volmer. * David Poppy is one that gets along well with everyone in the group, he is a dedicated worker and performs whatever task is assigned to him. * Miller and Stone was not contented with Hallora’s memo. A theory that can be introduced due to the lack of proper leadership skill by Hallora is the Equity Theory and under that would be interactional justice- whether or not an employee believes that the manager treats them with respect. For example Hallora did not give the technicians any flexibility whatsoever, he has effectively excluded them from the organizations plans which is an act of poor leadership skills. This would lead them to feel underappreciated and of no value to the company, which in turn they would not be motivated.
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