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  • Published : December 19, 2012
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1.What are some violence indicators an employee might display? Workplace violence can happen in any work environment, and can come from both coworkers and nonworkers alike. Several common behavioral indicators are often present in employees who are experiencing high level of stress. People experiencing elevated stress, however, are more likely to display violent or destructive behavior than those who are not. Some behavioral signs of stress include any marked changes in a person’s behavior patterns, an increase in destructive behavior at the workplace, outbursts and emotional displays, cursing, blaming others and social isolation. Other than that is, Physical Signs. Some physical signs of stress are often expressed unconsciously, or without the person being able to suppress them. As such, these uncontrollable signs can be strong indicators of an –at risk person. For example, you might notice a person’s face turning red or pale, trembling or shaking, exaggerated gestures or loud talking, or facial expressions such as scowls or sneers, when talking. Lastly, we can see through verbal signs. People at risk in workplace violence often use specific language. For an example is communicating verbal threats, making inappropriate references to weapons, violence or guns or expressing desperations and thoughts of suicide can be precursors to violence or warning signs of the persons instability.

2. What are some actions management can take to help prevent workplace violence? There are some steps or actions that management can take to prevent workplace violence. First steps is by assess the threat of violence in your workplace. Assign a group to evaluate to company’s ability to prevent and respond to workplace violence. Identify the controls in place and those that are missing, develop a plan for improving the controls, prevention and response and write a workplace violence policy. Second steps is by publish the workplace...
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