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International HRM Case Study
By Fiona L. Robson

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International HRM Case Study
By Fiona L. Robson Student Workbook Strategic HR Management

Purpose of the Case Study This case study is geared toward an undergraduate audience with a basic understanding of the issues involved in domestic recruitment and selection. The case is based on a fictional organization in the United Kingdom’s hotel industry; however, the content covered is relevant internationally and among different industries. The material is presented in this manner to allow you to apply theory to a practical situation. You will have an opportunity to think about the key decisions involved in international assignments. You will be able to transfer your knowledge of domestic HR issues to the international context and consider the roles and duties performed by expatriate workers. Learning Outcomes for Students By the end of the case, you will: 

Understand the main elements and issues related to international assignments. Demonstrate an awareness of when it is appropriate to use expatriate workers and the key debates that are involved. Appreciate the skills and knowledge needed by expatriate workers. Consider how organizations can prepare expatriate managers to succeed in an international context.

Recommended Time Schedule For this case, you will be acting as independent management consultants and should be split into three groups. You will work within your groups for all of the activities provided in the case study document. The instructor can decide whether any of the additional activities provided are appropriate for your group.

© 2008 Society for Human Resource Management. Fiona L. Robson 1

recommeNDeD reSoUrceS Book: Harzig, A.-W. and van Ruysseveldt, J. (2007). International Human Resource Management, 2nd edition. London: Sage. A diverse selection of interesting journal articles exists on this topic: Brewster, C. (1997). International HRM: Beyond expatriation. Human Resource Management Journal, 7(3), 31. Brewster, C., and Scullion, H. (1997). A review and agenda for expatriate HRM. Human Resource Management Journal, 7(3), 32-41. Earley, P.C., and Peterson, R.S. (2004). The Elusive Cultural Chameleon: Cultural Intelligence as a New Approach to Intercultural Training for the Global Manager. Academy of Management Learning and Education, 3(1), 100-115. Forster, N. (2000). Expatriates and the impact of cross-cultural training. Human Resource Management Journal, 10(3), 63–78. Ingemar Torbiörn, I. (1997). Staffi ng for international operations. Human Resource Management Journal, 7(3), 42-51. Matthews, V.E. (2000). Competition in the international hotel industry. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 12(2), 114-118. Morris, M., and Robie, C. (2001). Meta-analysis of the effects of cross-cultural training on expatriate performance and adjustment. International Journal of Training and Development, 5(2), 112-125.

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