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The Case study was conducted at Celso G. Mandocdoc (CGM) poultry farm. It is located at Barangay Tugtog and Sabang, San Jose Batangas. The proprietor, Mr. Celso G. Mandocdoc has been involved with the poultry egg industry for twenty four years and has continuously expanded throughout the lifetime of its operation. The farm started as a backyard farm and later turned into a commercial layer egg farm.

The main objective of the study was to evaluate the operations of CGM farm. Specifically, assess the four business function of the farm: marketing, personnel, production and finance within the farm’s operation, and analyze the appropriate elements in the business environment of the farm, formulate alternatives to the identified problem, design an implementation plan for the chosen solution for the improvement of the farm.

Primary data were gathered from interviews with the owner and key informants such as employees of the farm. Some of the information gathered were based on observations of its daily task and activities. Secondary data gathered from books, and government agencies such as the Department of Agriculture, National Statistics Office and the Bureau of Animal Statistics. Information from the internet were also used in the study.

Results showed that CGM farm has been a profitable operation for the evaluated years of 2006 to 2010. The farm had been efficiently operating with proper pricing, marketing and distribution to take credit. CGM farm is in acquisition of 34 poultry houses, which includes the 4 brooding houses. The farm’s tools and equipment are mostly automatized in order to minimize the required number of flockmen to one for every 12,750 heads. The farm laborer’s operational activities mainly include feeding, watering, cleaning disinfecting, collecting, and sorting. These activities slightly vary depending on the season in relation to the climate where it is operating, since poultry birds can only adapt within a narrow range of temperature.

In terms of product distribution, table eggs are mostly sold to viajeros at a price depending on the size of eggs purchased. A portion of the table eggs produced is delivered to Mindoro.
Results also showed that CGM farm is profitably earning under the evaluated years of 2006 to 2010. Its net income increased by 28 percent after a typhoon destroyed most of the farm’s housing and equipment. In terms of liquidity, the study showed that the farm’s current asset can compensate its current liabilities. Also, the returns for 2010 showed that CGM farm earns a 25.1 percent net income for every peso it invests on farm assets. However, a major problem was discovered in CGM farm’s management. Also the owner clearly noted the farm’s problem in the layer’s performance during the dry season. Layers were observed to be affected by the warm temperature during the dry season. This results to poor quality eggs which were sold at lower price.

The study suggests investing on tunnel ventilation system in order to resolve the problem. The suggested technology would be capable of regulating the temperature inside the poultry house. Also, in order to resolve CGM farm’s problem in management a training regarding the proper handling of layers under tunnel ventilation system was suggested along with a salary increase upon the utilization of the tunnel ventilation.





Significance of the Study11
Objectives of the Study 12
Scope and Limitations13



Data nature and Data Collection23
Data Analysis24

Macroenvironmental Analysis 27Ecoconomic Developments27
Demographid Development37
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