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Tourism Sustainabilty

Palanan Wilderness – Palanan, Isabela
(Case Study Analysis)

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Monica Feliza Juan
Maricar Mempin
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Maureen Santos

August 2012


Palanan is a remote 2nd class municipality in the province of Isabela, Philippines.  According to the latest census, it has a population of 16,254 people in 2,837 households. It was in Palanan that one of the final chapters of the Philippine-American War was written on March 23, 1901, when Emilio Aguinaldo was captured by American forces led by Gen. Frederick Funston, who had gained access to Aguinaldo's camp by pretending to surrender to the Filipinos. Primary mode of transportation is by plane through the Palanan Municipal Airport.


The Palanan Wilderness Area is a large tract of undisturbed forest which forms a large part of the combined nature preserve of the Northern Sierra Madre National Park and Peñablanca Protected Landscape and Seascape. It contains the most extensive area of preserved rainforest in the Philippines at 359,486 hectares. The larger of 2 remaining areas of intact primeval forest in Luzon (the other being a much smaller wooded area in the Cordilleras), it is considered one of the most diverse forests in the world. Known as the Palanan Complex, Palanan Rainforest, or Palanan Wilderness Area, it was designated a wilderness area in 1979. In 1997, it was designated a national park also known as the Northern Sierra Madre National Park. In 2003 this conservation area was combined with the neighboring Penablanca Protected Landscape and Seascape.


* It is estimated that there are 1500 species of vascular plants in Palanan Wilderness  Area and that, of these, more than 50 species are locally endemic and over 100 species are endemic to the Philippines. Numerous endemic and rare species are restricted to Sierra Madres mountain range. Many species are restricted to particular vegetation types within the area. 

* Palanan is proposed as National Park Integrated Protected Areas System for the Philippines. National Park status will help to strengthen its protection.

*  Sabutan Festival is a local festivity which marks the establishment of the civil government of Palanan, the commemoration of the capture of the First President of the Republic, Emilio Aguinaldo and the promotion of the Sabutan products like mats, fans and bags made of grass grown in the coastal areas of Palanan. This festival is being celebrated annually on the 21-23 of March.

* Paranan is the town’s dialect. It is a mixture of Ibanag, Spanish, Tagalog and the indigenous Agta (or Dumagat) language. 

* Palanan is the Philippines’ largest remaining rainforest at 800 feet above sea level; has numerous unknown endemic species of flora and fauna and exceptional biological diversity.

Key Problems


* Primary mode of transportation is by plane through the Palanan Municipal Airport. * No pollution reaches Palanan.
* Palanan offers a wide array of habitat types including limestone, forests, forests over ultrabasic soils, montane forests, beach forests, mangrove and three types of lowland forests. * Its rich Avifuana is bound to attract birdwatchers.

* Palanan is an isolated area (no roads)
* Lack of Facilities such as schools, health posts.

* Eventhough the forest isolates the people of Palanan, it is still their source of livelihhod. Gathering rattan from hills provides imoprtant and potencially sustainable local industry. * House building, wood working and crafts made from forest products provides employment in Palanan.

* Deforestation has already begun inside the western boundary of the wilderness at an alarming rate. Small scale of...
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