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Topics: Management, Knowledge management, Managing director Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: July 3, 2012
Ismalistya Araminta MBI-44639

Global Knowledge Management at Danone (A)

1. What are the most important knowledge-management challenges faced by Danone? As one of the top worldwide top company, Danone greatest challenges encountered in the implementation of knowledge-management employees that scattered in 120 countries, and therefore they faced the following three problems: 1. Making operational information to their employees around the world. 2. A tension between a more efficient top-down approach and local managers’ desire for autonomy. 3. The role of information technology in managing knowledge Local Markets There is a managing director as a decision-maker who is in charge of an activity in a country. However, headquarters could only give the options to managing director to decide something, but cannot impose conditions. This brings more disadvantages than advantages in looking for synergies to a group. Decentralization is essential to Danone’s strategy. It gave Danone more competence, attached to consumers and always ahead among its competitors because their frontline manager can execute quickly. The Human Connection Most Danone employees did not use traditional knowledge that used technology, uploading files or building databases. They felt more comfortable talking to each other. This way, Danone was changing the method and looking deeper to behavioral patterns and increasing interaction between people. What does the company need to do well to succeed? The company needs to make a review and re-introduce the networking concept to their employees. This way, the company could find out what are they lacking of. And also it can make better specificity of networking technology. The company can make the employees more understand what the purpose and what it can be used by reintroducing the networking image. And the company can give more affirmation with the advantages of networking system.

2. What is your assessment of the Networking Attitude initiative? I...
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