Case Study 1 Interview

Topics: Customer service, Sales, Customer Pages: 4 (1300 words) Published: February 3, 2013
I interviewed the head of the customer service department from Korean Agricultural Union CNS, the online fruit sales company. I prepared questions and asked them during the time of the interview. I organized the interview in Q&A format. Q: Can you say your name and your job?

A: My name is Youngsook Kim and I am the head of the customer service department. Q: What does your company do?
A: My company works with agriculturist in Korea to adjust price of fruit and sell at an affordable price to big super markets as well as directly to customers through our online market. We also provide gift sets and fruit baskets for special occasions. We sort and package our products and ship them right to our customers’ doors within 48 hours. Q: What do you do at this company?

A: I manage our customer services reps. I train them, supervise them, and also hire and fire them. When there are crisis, they always come to me for an advice and I usually take over to solve these problems. Q: How do you approach to customers in your company?

A: We always get phone calls or emails with customers with complains, suggestions, or concerns. We try to provide everything we can to satisfy our customers. Q: Can you give examples?
A: Complains we usually get are about our products. Since we deal with fruit, customers have complains about the quality of the products we send them. It could be about the taste, or accidents may happen during delivery when they are not careful handling our products or if the weather is too cold, which freezes the products or if it’s too warm. What we usually do is to request pictures of the product and send them a new package. Suggestions we get are mostly about the gift wrapping. They want their gifts to look certain ways or include ribbons with letters or cards with messages. We deliver this message to the packaging team and make sure that the customer gets what the requested. Concerns are mostly about how long the delivery will take. Q: Do you have...
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