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Topics: Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, Nazism Pages: 5 (1522 words) Published: May 23, 2013
David Reje

The Milieus of Adolf Hitler’s Courageous Struggle for Power

Adolf Hitler’s dogged determination for power was because of the people he had associated with, the books, magazines and newspapers he read and his passion for German nationalism. Born in April 20th, 1889, third of five children, to Alois Hitler and Klara Polzl, greatly influenced by family upbringing for his obsessed power struggle for German nationalism. His contact with the likes of Georg Schonerer and Karl Lueger’s anti-Semitism writings and rhetoric also spurred him to action and instrumental in his struggle for power. Hitler’s mentor Dietrich Eckart was responsible and influential in his spirited power strife. As an avid reader he was touched and more ferocious in warfare, as he read the picture book about the France-Prussian war, from among his father’s belongings. He gained more momentum after reading the Ostara Magazine about anti-Semitism and his interest in the inspirational writings of Luther. The local newspaper Deutsches Volksblatt hardens his heart and boldness when he read the paper. The racial matrixes in Germany give him a strong spell for German hegemony and sovereignty. His political views and ambitions nurtured and spiced his nationalistic interest. In his maverick nature he rebelled against his father for serving in the Austrian government to demonstrate his stand in the German nationality. In the following paragraphs Hitler’s tenacious and firm intention for power in Germany will be discussed in detail. Hitler’s upbringing, contacts with Georg Schonerer, Karl Lueger, Dietrich Eckart, and Erich Ludendorff as journalists, crusaders for the pangermanic ethnic anti-Semitism and financial connectors influenced his contest for power. Hitler was always at longer head with his father as they were both strong-willed. (Joachim 1977, 32) The young Hitler lived a carefree and unrestricted life and was cocooned in his mother’s care. (F. Joachim 1977, 35). He was angry and detached because of the death of his younger brother Edmund from measles. (Keller 2010, 33-34). The contacts he had with Georg Schonerer and Karl Lueger, strongly shaped and influenced his life. Schonerer’s anti-Semitism had a great effect on him and he adopted the Heil greeting from him. (Richard 2001). The mayor Karl Lueger was also responsible in affecting Hitler’s flare for power through his rhetoric of anti-Semitic politics of the Christian Society Party. (Brigitte 2010). Furthermore, he had an encounter with Dietrich Eckart, the journalist who modeled and influenced his interest for Nazism. He was under the tutelage of Eckart, whom he exchanged ideas with about Nazism. (Ian 2008, 89-92). Another critical turning point in Hitler’s life was his acceptance by the influential class of the Munich society; his connections with wartime General Erich Ludendorff and the White Russian National Socialists that were responsible for the funding, and his introduction to the idea of Jewish conspiracy revolutionized his whole-being. (Kellogg 2005). Therefore, Hitler’s experience while in the care of his parents and his eventual association with the likes of influential Schonerer, Lueger, Eckart the journalist and Erich Ludendorff fueled his struggle for power. Hitler’s bravery and firmness for warfare was as a result of the books, magazine and newspapers he read. He was ignited and furious when he read the picture book about the France-Prussian war from among his father’s belongings. He developed a very strong interest and love for his power struggle. The picture book also acquainted him with the Prussian and German victory in a war that led to German unification. (Kubizek 2006)The magazine he read also influenced his hunger for power. Hitler was inspired and driven by the articles of the Ostara magazine and the writings of Luther increased the flare for his vision. The magazine filled him with the idea of a social doctrine, the privacy of Aryan people vs. ape people and...
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