Case Conceptualization

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Case Conceptualization and Treatment Planning
Assessment is a practice that is utilized to determine diagnosis and treatment planning. Altman, Briggs, Frankel, Gensler, and Pantone (2002) connected the “relational assessment” practice to the diagnosis and treatment planning. The above authors agreed that for effective therapy and appropriate diagnosis to happen, the treatment plan must be appropriate and relational; so that modifications and adaptations can be adjusted as needed. The goal in assessment and case conceptualization must produce complete findings; therefore multiple forms of assessments are to utilized, as to accommodate each individual person in therapy. Planning and Cultural Sensitivity to Avoid Misdiagnosis

To safeguard from cultural biases in the assessment process the “whole person” must be viewed in the therapeutic process (Briggs, 2002). As a counselor, one must be culturally competent and aware of others’ backgrounds. In order for a counselor to better understand the clients’ background, the necessary information would be needed prior to testing. Also paying close attention to the clients’ native language as it could pose inconsistencies if given in an unnatural tongue (Rodriquez, 2000). It should go without saying that an effective and competent therapist will be aware of professional standards and ethics involved in the assessment of a culturally diverse population; by being aware of their own ethnic understanding. Rodriquez (2000) further stresses the need to avoid misdiagnoses by utilizing alternative assessment measures. Research has suggested a clear therapeutic alliance, correct diagnosis and less stress exhibited by clients, when valid information is collected (Gensler, 2002). There has been an assumption that counselors whom falsify information for clients to get better managed care, have done so that they will receive better service; primarily because the insurance has reimbursed (Smart & Smart, 1997). However, looking...
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