Case Analysis: the Ultimate Fighting Championship (Ufc)

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  • Published : September 9, 2010
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UFC is the market leader of the mixed martial arts promotion industry. About 90% of the industry’s total revenue is from UFC. This shows that UFC dominate the industry although a few numbers of competitors presence in the industry. Could use this credibility to attract more fighters and sponsors domestic and international to collaborate with UFC. UFC is also part of a monopoly business. They led other companies in the industry. •UFC product and promoting strategies are different from its competitors. UFC air live fights on a regular basis and easy for audiences to watch it. They also get contract with highly demanded fighters and not focus solely to get the world’s best fighter. They also hire popular shows host to host their program in order to make their shows more interesting and attractive to the customers. •UFC have a strategic partnership which could help the company to increase its revenue and market share in the industry. This strategic partnership would put UFC at a stronger position in the market. With the strong position in the market, UFC have the ability to lead the industry and increase the gap between its competitors. This would be beneficial to the company.


UFC experience a difficulty in controlling the operation and the quality of its show as it involves domestic and international market. Fans also worry about the quality of UFC shows that would be diluted with international fighters. If the show is dilute with international fighters, the core customers which are base in North America would decline and perhaps due to the decrease in customers’ satisfaction. In addition, UFC have to understand how the international market perceives its show and company. UFC also should have a strong collaboration with international sponsor in order to be success in the international market. •UFC is lacked with any form of union to protect the interest of its fighters. It would make UFC less attractive for fighters to...
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