Case Analyses 6

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Case Analyses 6


Case Analyses: select TWO court cases (from different chapters) from the list below, and respond in writing to the case questions. The written analysis of both cases should be approximately 2-3 pages total; use parenthetical citations and a corresponding works cited list when referencing specific information from the text or other sources, and follow other prescribed guidelines for APA format.

Vallone v. CNA Financial (Ch 13, p 424)

Five Star Transportation v. NLRB (Ch 14, p 440)

Vallone v. CNA Financial

In Vallone v. CAN Financial, this lawsuit is a purported class action brought on behalf of individuals who elected early retirement from the Continental Insurance Company in 1992. Plaintiffs allege that health care benefits promised to them as part of the early retirement package were terminated in violation of federal and state law. Along with hundreds of other Continental employees nationwide, plaintiffs elected to accept the package from Continental known as the Voluntary Special Retirement Program (VSRP). The VSRP provided early retirees with special health care benefits that differed from the benefits extended to regular retirees under Continental's Comprehensive Health Care and Dental Plan (the Plan). One such feature involved the Retiree Health Care Allowance, a subsidy from Continental provided to help offset the cost of retiree health care benefits. Under the Plan, employees had to retire at age 62 or older and have 25 years or more of service to qualify for the maximum retiree health care allowance. An employee retiring before the age 62, or with less than 25 years of service, would receive a reduced health care allowance. Early retirees under the VSRP, however, were to receive the maximum health care allowance, regardless of their age or years of service. Features such as this one enticed...
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