Case – 1 Company Accepting a Contract

Topics: Corporation, Company, Leasing Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: July 7, 2011
Question 1:
Comment on the terms and conditions placed by the corporation.

Answer: Consider the corporation’s point of view:
Take a look into a couple T&C individually,
Where CORPORATION wanted the hardware and software ordered from a single supplier, and wanted the equipment on a long lease and not outright purchase

The committee formed by CORPORATION didn’t want to take the responsibility of the each and every item that was being purchased because in that case they would have had to run behind 100 vendors for the warranty and related problems usually surfacing in a contract of such scale. Also, this would lead to a hassle filled atmosphere in successive months, on part of CORPORATION involving at the very least set-up of a dedicated communications channel/team to listen to grievances of and respond to inter-departmental queries, communicating various unique requirements of CORPORATION departments to all vendors, maintaining their contact details which would run into several pages. Compare this to having a single phone book entry for an individual vendor. In a typical ‘system crash’ situation encountered once in a couple of months, CORPORATION employees will become overwhelmed by the enormity of a painfully slow process of system recovery to be supervised by a neat co-ordination of service engineers from various suppliers. Money spent on a system is a primary concern, because of which CORPORATION wanted equipment on lease. Equipment leased out will be serviced properly by COMPUTER COMPANY’s staff, since still it will be legally a property of COMPUTER COMPANY. Ergo, the responsibility lies with COMPUTER COMPANY and not CORPORATION technical team which won’t have to bother with maintenance issues with regularity.

Was it a win-win agreement? Discuss.

No, it wasn’t win-win if we take into account the way things turned out. A lot of efforts need to be taken to simply make things work for both parties. Each company has taken...
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