Casablanca - Dis-Illusioning

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  • Published : November 24, 2011
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The classic and award winning movie “Casablanca” has become favorite move to many generations all around the world. And although it shows some great acting and wonderful directing viewers have to be aware of the obvious as well as hidden messages of this classis. The movie glorifies Myth # 3, suggesting that your true soul mate should know what you are thinking or feeling, without you having to tell. There are other different myths in this movie but this one in particular was obvious to me throughout. The film was very well made for its time and it became a classic, regarded by critics as one of the best movies of all times, but it is not perfect. Its underlying messages suggest that people fall in love without knowing too much about each other and without communicating properly. Hiding your thoughts seems somehow interesting and creates suspense. But that can work only on the screen; real life can get very complicated and messy if we follow the same rules.


The primary myth illustrated in “Casablanca” is Myth # 7 (Your true soul mate should know what you are thinking or feeling without you having to tell.) Other myths that you can find tin this movie are #5 (To attract and keep a man, a woman should look like a model or a centerfold.) and myth #6 (The man should not be shorter, weaker, younger, poorer, or less successful than the woman.) The entire portion of the movie with the flashback from Paris, where Rick and Ilsa fall in love is a proof for myth #7. The couple meets, falls in love, but they barely know each other. She never tells him anything about herself. What kind of a relationship are they building when she is not sharing any personal information? She does not give him any real explanation when she does not show up at the train station- just a letter, which does not really say the truth. What makes this portrayal of love...
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