Caring Teachers

Topics: Education, Teacher, History of education Pages: 3 (1020 words) Published: December 24, 2012
Global University
Fall 2012
Seminar – EDU495
Article Critique -4-
Caring Teachers: The Key to Student Learning
Hajar Traiki

The following paper is a critique of an article written by Angela Lumpkin a professor at the University of Kansas and who has an interest in teaching effectiveness. The article “Caring Teacher: The Key to Student Learning” that will be analyzed is about the characteristics of a caring teacher who can improve and facilitate students’ learning. Teacher-students relationship is based on the human need of caring ,so when students feel that their teacher respects them and cater to their interests and needs by believing in them and going an extra step to make the learning process centered on them; they will excel and their learning will improve. This analysis includes an insightful summary of the aforementioned article, and a reaction in which the strengths and weaknesses of the article are highlighted, and where suggestions and connections between the main points in the research and personal experiences are mentioned.

This summary provides the reader with the main ideas of the analyzed article. The three main characteristics that contribute to caring teachers will be discussed, they include: believing in students’ abilities, active engagement of students in learning process, and being reflective teachers. A caring teacher believes in the abilities of her students and expects a lot from them. Therefore she may alter her instructional plan to the better so that she benefits students by making the learning student-centered. This can be achieved by enabling students to participate in decision making, guiding students to be responsible independent learners, helping students in building their knowledge, and by helping them self monitor their learning. Another way by which a teacher demonstrates that she cares is to enable students to be actively engaged in...
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