Career Investigation Assignment

Topics: Game, Play, Protagonist Pages: 2 (723 words) Published: December 19, 2012
My ideal career is becoming a lead game designer at a mid sized company. I’m a visual and details oriented person. I thrive in an open creative workplace where I can make a product, like an animated film or game. I love to play games and I’m always drawing and taking things apart to see how they work. I want to answer why even thou only 1% more gamers are male than female, why most games have a male protagonist. When the main character is female why does she have to be a over sexed stereotype in most cases.

My family and god take a priority in my life; I hope to bring my values and ideas to a project to create a good family clean fun game for children and adults to learn new things. I have enjoyed playing games and set design. Creating a game is a lot like a stage play a writer has an idea and makes a screenplay, various artists create backgrounds and characters based on the original idea. Riggers take the first concept arts and char builds and start to make it move. This process can be easily done if char are all the same size or type. Basically humanoid creatures can be easy to build a skeletal frame for. Ive been drawing humorous illustrations for several years but only recently have started drawing what I would even hesitantly call artwork. Im slowly turning this into a talent talent takes along time to develop. Talent is not something we are born with but something we are dedicated to.

I’m very driven and dedicated, College will give me the necessary time-management skills to meet deadlines and reach goals. Looking at the requirements to get my degree in my chosen field, I need four math classes, two programming classes and, a great grasp of various 2/3d drawing programs. The core skills no one puts on their resume is a huge part of what you learn in college, or what you learn how to do. Writing papers and letters and memos will defiantly serve me quite well looking for a raise in the workforce. The introspection required to decide why your major is...
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