Career Investigation

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Career Investigation of social care worker

Description of Career

A social care worker assists individuals and families with problems such as illness, poverty, drug addiction, child and spousal abuse, homelessness, and mental health. Social Care workers work between hospitals and rehabilitation centres. They may also organize support groups, help patients obtain community services and also help with patients other health professions and assists with job training. A social Care worker must be committed to helping people and have the ability to establish relationships with their patients. A major function of a social worker is interviewing individual clients and families in order to assess the physical, social and physiological needs of a patient.

Skills and Qualities


• Good Communication Skills are needed in order to connect with clients and to make sure they understand you

• Good teamwork skills are needed to get along with other workers in your workplace and to achieve more as part of a team

• Interpersonal skills are needed so you can relate to people and work well with your clients so they can see your trustworthy and loyal


• Kind

• Trustworthy

• Loyal

• Friendly

• Determined

Qualifications and Training

Pathway 1

|Course name |Social care | |Location |Carlow It | |Duration |4 years | |Entry Points |335 | |Details of course |The course provides you with the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills to enable you to make| | |a professional contribution to communities, groups, societies and organisations in the region, | | |nationally and internationally. I will study psychology , social studies , first aid , legal studies ,| | |human rights I get to do a professional practise of work experience in year 1 , 2 and 3 in this course| | |its necessary to do 4 weeks of work experience and the start of the year which could be in the hse or | | |in other social care work placements in the second year work experience only lasts for 3 weeks and in | | |the 3rd year work experience is for 2 weeks . | |Qualification |Bachelor of arts in applied social care |

Pathway 2

|Course name |Social Care | |Location |Athlone It | |Duration |4 years | |Entry points |330 | |Details of course |In this course I will receive the education and training to equip myself to work as a social care worker. | | |I will learn the attitudes, knowledge, skills and proficiencies that are necessary to the social care | | |practitioner. I will also undertake detailed studies in the areas of therapy to facilitate the...
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