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  • Published : June 20, 2006
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My goals are ambitious, and study at Boston University will propel me towards achieving them.

My ultimate professional goal is to use the financial skills I will acquire at Boston University to become a senior research analyst for an investment management firm. To realize my aim, I intend to use the professional resources currently at my disposal in conjunction with the rich opportunities Boston University offers. Indeed, while studying at Boston University Part-Time MBA program, I will continue to take advantage of my firm's integrated operations with the investment business. Special project offerings and leadership work in other departments have already helped me bridge the gap between these often-separated worlds, and I hope to further synergize them during my time at Boston University. In three-to-five years, I will have acquired the competencies necessary to be promoted to an investment research assistant position; from there, I will further hone my skills and advance into upper-level management.

The time is ripe for success. More then ever, investment management companies are focusing on more than simple investment fundamentals, and are expanding into new fields. Because of a widespread push to lower the costs and fees associated with portfolio management while catering to the unique needs of clients, the industry is developing automated investment platforms and research tools. Within the securities trading environment in particular, the increased pressure to obtain "best executions" has created new markets in program and algorithmic trading, spheres in which I feel I can excel. Moreover, as business decisions regarding marketing, global growth, and technology integration increasingly play a role in the success of investment management firms; the broadening of perspectives MBA studies would entail will prove invaluable. The current climate has created emerging opportunities for professionals who have a deeper understanding not only of financial...
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