Career Deveopment Plan- Employee Appraisal

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Career Development Plan Part III-
Career Management Plan

Employee Appraisal and Performance Evaluation:
The performance appraisals at Inter Clean are an essential process for the effective management and evaluation of the organization staff. They are conducted to help each Manager develop their individual’s associates, improve their performance, and also for next fiscal years business planning purposes. Performance Appraisals will help to monitor standards, objectives, expectations, responsibilities, tasks, training needs and career succession planning. Also the employee appraisals are used for the evaluation of annual pay and grading reviews, which also coincides with the next year business planning. Performance appraisals at Inter Clean are also important for staff motivation, for attitude and behavior development, communication and for positive relationships between management and staff. Appraisals at Inter Clean do not discriminate against anyone on the grounds of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or disability.

Appraisal Evaluations:
A formal performance appraisal is conducted at Inter Clean, annually for all staff in the organization. Each associate is appraised by their direct manager. Directors and Vice Presidents are appraised by the CEO David Spenser. The sales staff appraisals evaluations will be conducted as follows:

Jim Martin, VP of Sales- Appraised by CEO David Spenser
Tom González, Sales Manager- Appraised by VP of Sales Jim Martin Donna Wilson , Sales Rep – Appraised by Sales Manager Tom Gonzalez Eric Borden, Sales Rep – Appraised by Sales Manager Tom Gonzalez Dennis White, Sales Rep – Appraised by Sales Manager Tom Gonzalez Ving Hsu, Sales Rep– Appraised by Sales Manager Tom Gonzalez

Performance Appraisals and Performance Evaluations Methods:
Formal annual performance appraisals
One-on-One review meetings through out the year
Quarterly Business Plan Reviews
Coaching and mentoring meetings
Field Rides and Role Plays
Probationary reviews
Observation on the job
Survey of opinion of others who deals with the individual
Performance Appraisals and Performance Evaluations Standards: Performance measurement
Clarifying and defining organizations objectives
Training needs and learning desires
Identification of personal strengths and areas of improvement Career and succession planning
Team roles clarification and team building
Clarification of confusions and misunderstandings
Reinforcement of company’s philosophies, values, strategies, etc. Additional responsibilities delegation, employee growth and development Counseling and feedback
Manager and associate relationship development

Performance Appraisals Process:

Prepare - materials, previous performance appraisal, notes agreed tasks and records of performance, achievements, incidents and reports. The appraisals should focus on helping the associate to grow. Inform - inform the associate in advance the time and place and provide an agenda. Environment - the atmosphere must be relaxed and informal

Introduction - open with a positive statement.
Review and measure - review the activities, tasks, objectives and achievements. Being objective is extremely important. Action Plan Agreement - An overall plan must be agreed with the associate, which should take account of the job responsibilities, career aspirations and the reviewed strengths and weaknesses. The plan must be agreed and realistic. Objectives Agreement - specific actions and targets that together form the action plan. Support Agreement- support required for the Associate to achieve the objectives. (Trainings, courses and seminars, coaching, mentoring, shadowing, workshops etc.) Invite any other points or questions – Ensure all concerns are clarified. Close positively - Thank the associate for their contribution to the meeting and their effort through the year, and commit to helping in any way you...
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