Care of a Dying Patient

Topics: Nursing, Personal life, Emotion Pages: 3 (997 words) Published: November 20, 2012
My own perceptions about quality of life and health promotion might affect my care for a dying patient with a lingering illness such as cancer because the patient and I may have a different definition or outlook on what quality of life means. To me this would mean making the best of what little time the patient has left to live. Most importantly is to keep the patient comfortable which may include positioning the patient in bed, giving a gentle massage and administering pain medications if necessary. It is also very important to provide the patient and the family with emotional support.

It seems as Mrs. Thomas’s children are somewhat distant at her time of need because they are upset about her condition and probably in denial because they know what her outcome will be. It would play a very crucial part in improving the quality of life for Mrs. Thomas if her children and their families would come to visit her in person. I know that this will be difficult for the children to see their mother suffering but her family should play an important role in emotional support. I think a visit from her children and their families would really uplift her spirits. Mrs. Thomas does not want take any pain medication because she does not want to become addicted to it but it should be explained to Mrs. Thomas that since she is truly in pain she will not become addicted to it. By Mrs. Thomas taking the pain medication it would not only help control her pain but it would also make Mr. Thomas feel more at ease knowing that she is comfortable and not suffering. Mr. Thomas is depressed because of Mrs. Thomas’s condition and he is not managing it very well and this is making Mrs. Thomas very sad. I think that getting a behavioral health specialist involved and providing the family with counseling with also improve the quality of life for Mrs. Thomas. I think that it would put Mrs. Thomas’s mind at ease knowing that Mr. Thomas is dealing with his depression professionally. Talking...
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