Car2Go Technology System

Topics: Application programming interface, Automobile, Interface Pages: 4 (1144 words) Published: November 16, 2010
Car2Go Technology system:

1. All of the cars are equipped with a consumption-optimised petrol engine (switch from diesel to petrol)

2. automatic start/stop system,
thanks to the automatic start-stop system: as car2go vehicles are used mainly for intra-urban travel, every stop at traffic lights is used as an opportunity to save fuel

3. The new central control panel with a large, 6.5-inch touch-sensitive screen. large touch screen control unit, which is part of the new telematics hardware that is optimized for the program.

4. It also houses the vehicle key and up to four chip cards – for refuelling and entering multi-storey car parks, for example.

5. GPS navigation system
Car2go uses GPS devices to help customers locate available cars. If customers find themselves without a smartphone or internet access, they can simply walk up to a car to see if it is available. If the car is reserved, a screen on the back windshield of the vehicle gives the location of the closest available car ready for use. Guillen assures PM that privacy concerns with these monitored GPS devices have been taken into account. "We do not know where the cars are while they are being used," he says. "We're not tracking you—the car shows up in the system only when you terminate the rental." GPS tracking to allow Daimler to monitor vehicle location.

6. Solar Roof
The solar roof, which is a standard feature has an output of 100 Watt power. The solar energy produced in this way is used to supply power to the telematics, and also to continually charge the car's battery. This allows the alternator to be decoupled whilst driving, thus tangibly reducing fuel consumption. In addition, if the vehicle is parked in the sun, solar energy is used to power the ventilation system, which can reduce the temperature in the interior by up to 18 °C. This not only adds to the comfort when a customer gets into the car in summer or in southern climes, but also reduces the burden on the...
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