Captain John Newton

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  • Published : September 27, 2012
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The story of Captain John Newton (slave trader)-

Captain John Newton started his life on the sea at 11 years old, while sailing with his father who was a merchant vessel captain. After his father retired from sailing John Newton became part of the service and served on the H.M.S. Harwich in 1744. He found the living conditions unbearable and left service as a deserter. He was later captured, demoted, and publically embarrassed. John was then turned over to serve as an indentured servant on a slave ship. The slave trader that he served severally beat him until he was rescued by a ship captain that John’s father knew. This was a major turning point for John as he got a fresh start with the new captain. John sailed with this new captain for a little bit before he became the captain of his own ship. John Newton became the captain of the Duke of Argyle which was an old ship converted into a slaver (slave trading ship). Being part of the slave trade John and his ship made voyages across the Atlantic Ocean participating in the triangular trade. Captain Newton was a slave trader but he was one of a few that actually seemed to have a conscience. He made sure the slaves had better living conditions and proper nutrition. Other captains would pile slaves in and just say the lost ones were worth saving the money they would have spent on doing things properly. On the way back across the Atlantic the Duke of Argyle hit a bad storm in 1748 and John who had very little religious background said a quick prayer to God. After that prayer he believes that God saved him and his ship. John continued to participate in the slave trade but continued to make conditions better until he fell ill and had to retire from the trade in 1754. John started to educate himself while he was sailing and had a true desire to learn. After his retirement from sea John started a religious life. His first job was the surveyor of tides at Liverpool. This is where he met George...
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