Capital Structure Analysis - Walmart - 3

Topics: Financial ratio, Finance, Economics Pages: 4 (633 words) Published: October 21, 2011
Capital Structure Analysis – Walmart

September 13, 2011

GB550: Financial Management

Unit 3

Professor Ana Machuca

Part I - The Abstract

Wal-Mart is one of the biggest retail chains of the world (Sampson, 2008). Hence it’s very extensive financial reports were studied carefully in detail, in order to understand and evaluate the company’s operations and performance in terms of financial ratios and relevant cost drivers and hence suggest recommendations to improve the overall business of the company while providing special emphasis on improvement of HR department; maintaining cost efficiency.

For this, first of all, some key financial ratios were considered for evaluation. Some of these include Debt/Equity Ratio, Current Ratio, Quick Ratio, Inventory Ratio, P/E Ratio and Book Value/Share. On the basis of in-depth study on these key indicators, important results about the company’s corporate performance were derived which helped in analyzing the company’s actual financial position in the market and also determining its business competitiveness.

Since cost drivers are significantly important for HR department, identifying them and then calculating overhead rate per employee of these cost drivers was quite essential for evaluation of current financial standing of the company (Knack & Keefer, 1997). Later, these were also compared to figures of competitive rivals in order to know the effectiveness of HR department and the business as a whole.

Finally, after detailed scrutiny of the financial impact of the key factors, some healthy recommendations are provided that are aligned to both the needs of the business as well as best practice principles. This will help achieve a greater acceptance of change and a means to move forward in achieving greater transparency and consistency with HRM practices and policy compliance in order to make this top retail brand even better.

The purpose of this report is to show a preview of capital...
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