Canon Marketing Strategy in Vietnam

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Since joining the Vietnam market to date, Canon has applied the appropriate marketing strategies to enhance brand and market share in the market. In this report, the strategic marketing mix will be analyzed.

New product development
Product SELPHY photo printers and Laser printers has attracted the attention of customers. To continue that success, Canon has improved and developed new products are ES3 of SELPHY line, the LBP3250 and LBP5050 of laser printer line. With the development of products, Canon is targeting the youth wiht high income and small offices as well as families have demand on document printing. Canon is a famous brand in the world and used in Vietnam. To maintain competitive advantage, Canon selected solutions that developed products better to satisfy customers better and maintain brand and product value. Product development includes many steps. The first is to find ideas. Idea can be given by the creativity of staff but most are taken from customers. During this period, Canon opened the survey of customer opinions of the product line and SELPHY printers Laser. Today, Vietnam is very popular youth photography and shares them. They want a photo printer is equipped with large screens and more image editing tools like Photoshop. In addition, the photo printers of other brands only have memory card slots and require the user to take the memory card from the camera ... For the laser printers, customers want high speed, clearer quality, more compact design for easy moving and set in small space. After selecting the idea, Canon made the analysis for the business ideas that fit customers' needs and resources of the company or not. Also consider the cost and time for production, the ability to grow the sales and degree of product development so that being appropriate. In addition, assessing risk or strategies of competitors are essential. After taking steps to analyze and realize the results will be available, Canon conducted producing products. SELPHY ES3 is designed with many outstanding features such as 3.5-inch LCD monitor with 230,000 pixels. Hull design is similar to retain the previous model with four large buttons located on either side of the hull helps kha1hc found easy to use. Models in the product line of Canon photo printers are integrated in memory card slot and socket connection directly to the camera to help simplify the work in photo. Canon is a manufacturer of the first integrated cable input jack lets you print photos directly from camera. In addition, ES3 is also equipped with 1GB memory enabling users to store photos as well as favorite customize and install. For the monochrome laser printer, the LBP3250 is significant improvements in speed (23 pages/min) with a resolution 2400×600dpi. Time for the first print page is 6 seconds, shorter than the previous model. LBP3250 owns 8M memory and is compatible with different operating systems. for color laser printer series, LBP5050 produced many outstanding features, especially with high resolution 9600×600dpi speed 8 pages/min color. 16GB of internal memory along with other advanced technologies are in LPB5050. With many improvements in technology but still carry the product on compact appearance. With steps to improve it, Canon has achieved its objectives. Products to be the reputation of the products available from before and developed better, Canon has helped retain both names make Canon's products are not on the market price down.

Distribution of products
After the products are produced, they should be brought to the customer. The establishment of a correct and perfect distribution system is a very important factor. Thus, Canon needs to find a distributor with deep understanding and experience in business market office equipment. In Vietnam, Canon put its products to consumers through a sales network spreads all over the country. This network includes distributors of products, the central services and multiple stores....
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