Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Topics: Lung cancer surgery, Physician, Lung cancer Pages: 3 (1060 words) Published: October 3, 2012
Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Jesica Willingham
Davenport University
ENGL 110
Autumn Miller
September 19, 2012

Although there are limited centers available, Cancer Treatment Centers of America is well known for saving lives due to highly qualified staff, and advanced medical technology. The reviews and comments from patients are heart wrenching because of their illness, but also moving due to the success of being cancer free. Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is a private, for-profit operator of cancer treatment hospitals and outpatient clinics which provide both conventional and alternative medical treatments.

Upon watching the commercial for Cancer Treatment Centers of America, I was moved by the testimonies of real life patients of Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and how their lives were switched around from one day being told that they only had a couple months to live, to years later being able to give testimony, which means they obviously made it past the couple months they were given. The patients in the commercial are grateful for another chance at life, and thankful to the caring and loving staff at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. The testimony from patients is what makes the commercial beautiful, and would definitely persuade me to consider Cancer Treatment Centers of America if I ever became ill and wanted to look to other methods of treatment.

Words from others that have experienced life at the lowest point due to illness are what attracted me to the commercial. Mr. Bacal stated that after feeling tired for several months, his doctor diagnosed him with Hodgkin's disease. With the desire to see his young son come of age, Joe and his wife decided that Cancer Treatment Centers of America offered the hope and treatment options he needed (Bacal, n.d.). After just only four months of treatment, Mr. Bacal was back to doing what he loved, and that is racing out on the tracks. Luckily Mr. Bacal is alive to tell his...
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