Canadian Geography

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Canada has an extremley large geography which plays a tremendous role on many factors that affect Canadians. These factors both help and hinder Canada economically, socially and politically. The geography of Canada has also caused regions to form. For the most part, these regions exist due to physical that are present in Canada's landscape. Canada's geography has also had a large impact on the influences that affect settlers. Canada's relatively low popuation in comparison to the large land mass make Canada a place where people who desire to settle in high population, urban areas or large, isolated, and low-trafficked areas. The high population of people near the Canadian-American border is also a unique feature of Canada, due to the warmer climate and the proximity to the border making international trading for large and small buisnesses much easier, and rich and fertile soil that is close to the border, this regions of Canada is the most popular. Due to our vast resources some aspects of Canada are sacrificed, mining projects, oil sands, and other searches for non-renewable resources ravage Canada's land and make it so it is unusable for an extremley long period of time or indenfietly. Canadian population pockets have created distinct regions within Canada that greatly affect the diversity within the country. Canada has vast land that affects the country in many different ways and this essay will explore all of the negative and positive aspects of Canada's geography.

Canada's geography has created regions, with the exception of one region, they have been formed due to physical barriers, for example, the Cordillera of British Columbia is contained by the Rocky Mountains, to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. This mountainous region also has a few low lying valleys, but consists primarily of forests. Adjaccent to the Cordillera of British Columbia one would find the physical region known as the Interior Plains. The interior Plains includes the southern parts of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, most of Alberta and some parts of British Columbia. Most of the area consists of rolling hills with deep, wide river vallwys. Right beside the Interior Plains is the Canadian Sheild. The Canadian Shield is the largest region in Canada, but is thinly populated. This region includes about half of the land area of mainland Canada. Only about 10% of Canada's population lives here. The rock of the shield doesn't let water pass through causing thousands of lakes to form. Underneath the Canadian Sheild is the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Lowlands. Almost 60% of Canada's population lives here. About 70% of the value of manufactured goods are produced here. The region is the Atlantic and Gulf region. Population is distributed in strips and small clusters. Two characteristics and this region are the diversity of physical enviornments and the lack of large uniform areas. People are distributed in uneven densities, most people live in the lowlands and valleys. The coast has heavy precipitation and moderate tempatures while the inland climate is continental with less precipitation, warm summers and cool winters. The North region is surrounded by mountains and lowlands. Tightlands are found in this region and found in jagged innuitian mountains. This North region of Canada with an area of 3,921,739 km2, which makes up 39.3% of Canada is also comprised of permafrost and artic tundra. 52.8% percent of the region's population are Inuit, First Nations or Métis.

Settlement had been strongly influenced by Canada's geography. People tend to live where the climate is warmer, and where they're rich, fertile soils and many resources. For example, almost one-thirf of Canada's population lives in an area of southern Ontario known as The Golden Horseshoe. This essentially is comprised of Toronto and it's surrounding area. This population pocket is located below 43 degree latitude. This is within the points of latitude...
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