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Famous Canadians
There are alot of famous, well known people around the world. Canada is said to have no famous people. James Naismith, Celine Dion, and Michael J. Fox are all famous , so saying there are no famous canadians, I think not. These people will prove there are famous canadians.

Being on the hollywood walk of fame and being the 5th richest women in entertainment. That speaks fameous and thats what Celine Dion is. This singer emerged as a teen star and has never looked back, she was one of the biggest French and English singers. Dion is the best-selling Canadian artists of all time. Simply making it on the walk of "fame" shows she is famous.

James Naismith is one of the greatest Canadian invertors to date. He was the inventor of the game basketball which is now today known as one of the major sports around the world. James is known widely around the Kansas and Springfield area where he spent his early days inventing the game. He later became the athletic director at the University of Kansas. Naismith being the lone inventor of basketball and having benn inducted into his own hall of fame definatly proves his is a famous canadian.

14 awards for acting Michael J. Fox is a extremely famous actor from Canada. Notoriously known for the Back to the Future trilogy and SPin City he has grown to be a huge actor in his career dating back to the 1970's. After semi retiring in 2000 he is now known for his big role in finding a cure for the disease he has, Parkinsons. Foxs role in big pictures and television series', also his research and support of a disease has made him famous in the eyes of many.

Celine Dion, James Naismith, and Michael J. Fox are all famous successful canadians. Canada doesn't have any famous people, I think not. Any people who say Canada provides nothing to the world easily these three people can counter that.
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